Cheap holidays Phuket

It is still possible to have a cheap holiday in Thailand, and Phuket has many options for creating affordable and viable getaways. Mid-range resorts are continually offering special promotions, often including half and full board. Villas also provide extra services that can also help keep the price of your holiday down. They are particularly good for larger groups of people as they are priced per night, not per room.

Another way to watch your spending is to eat locally. Local Thai food is excellent, and many Thai's eat at the stalls on the side of the street. Crispy fried chicken, noodle soup and tasty curries are all on sale for much less than you would pay for a meal back home, and as long as you choose a stall where enough people are eating to ensure cooking is fresh there shouldn't be any hygiene worries.

Visiting local temples and markets makes a great day out and won't break the bank. Temple fairs often take place in the "Wats" around Phuket and are particularly fun for children, with rides, games and lots of cheap toys for sale. They also provide an insight into Thai culture which will enrich your overall holiday experience.






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