Holiday deals Phuket

Cheap holidays to Phuket are becoming easier and easier to find as international airlines drop their prices and discount accommodation becomes more widely available. Mid-range hotels in particular are offering good package deals, and if travelling in a group of four or more people even renting a villa can be a viable option.

Some resorts can offer great deals with meals included in the price, whether full or half board. Villas on the other hand often include a full-time chef who will cook exactly what you want every day, with you only paying extra for the actual food. The larger the group, the more renting a villa becomes affordable.  It also provides an excellent way to really catch up with friends and family as the property becomes your personal playground.

The staff at a private villa focus on your personal needs, you don’t have to share the service with hundreds of other guests in a resort. Personalized service for a price you can afford is now available with a little time spends looking at your options.






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