Holiday home away from home

Villa Jia is home to an array of comfortable living spaces

Sublime scenery, an intriguing local culture, and blissful weather helps Thailand attract visitors from all over the globe. Many holidaymakers travel thousands of miles to enjoy the many delights the Kingdom has to offer. However, to enjoy your vacation to the full, it’s important that you’re staying at accommodation where you feel comfortable and at ease from the moment you arrive.

If you rent a private holiday villa, either on Phuket or Koh Samui, the excellent facilities and top-notch services will put you at ease straight away. Each of the properties features an array of comfortable relaxation areas, both private and communal, where you can put your feet up and enjoy all the home comforts you’re used to.

We take a closer look at all of the features that make Thailand’s luxury villas feel as comfortable and welcoming as home.

A warm welcome

The villa staff play an important role in helping guests to feel at home

Thanks to the warm, bright smiles of Thai people, the country rightfully earned its enduring moniker ‘The Land of Smiles’. There’s nowhere you’ll experience the true ease and warmth of a Thai smile more than at one of the rental villas on the Thai islands. Right from the moment you arrive, the dedicated team of staff at your private villa make you feel at home. Of course, a warm smile sets the tone for your visit – but a refreshing welcome drink and a revitalizing cold compress help, too.

In addition to setting a friendly atmosphere throughout your villa, the staff are able to provide local knowledge and expertise to help you feel at home. They know all of the best local restaurants, so you don’t have to wander into any eatery and worry that you’ve strayed into a tourist trap. At some villas, the staff will even be able to arrange for a driver to take you out and about, so you don’t need to worry about finding your way around. What could make you feel more relaxed than that?

Sit back and relax

A comfortable lounge is the perfect place to kick back and relax with a good book

After a long day out and about, what’s the first thing you want to do when you finally arrive at your home away from home? For most people, the answer is “put your feet up and relax”. Of course, in Thailand’s selection of stunning private villas, there are plenty of plush, stylish places to do just that. In fact, many of the Kingdom’s larger villas feature multiple lounging areas, so it’s possible to have a more casual area for the whole family, plus a quieter area for adults to relax with a glass of wine after a long day of sightseeing.

The gorgeous living room at Villa Roxo in Phang Nga is the perfect example. This sun-soaked space provides the perfect den to hide away with a good book, or even take a nap if you’re tired from a day spent exploring the local sites. Spacious, comfortable sofas and a multitude of soft, silk cushions provide everything you need to feel as comfortable as you would in your own home.

Quiet moments

The bedrooms at Phuket’s Baan Taley Rom provide the perfect place for a nap

Having a comfortable, private space to retreat to when you need a quiet moment alone is an essential part of feeling at home, wherever you’re on holiday. Guests staying in one of Thailand’s private villas can look forward to relaxing in their own comfortable sleeping quarters. Plus, the majority of villa bedrooms have their own ensuite facilities, so you have everything you need close at hand – just like at home.

For many people, staying connected to life back at home is an important part of being comfortable in a new place. That’s why all of Thailand’s high-end private villas come with high-speed WiFi connections, so guests never feel too cut off from their usual day-to-day lives. Some of the sleeping quarters at Phuket’s Baan Taley Rom even come with their own computers, so you can catch up on your emails in exquisitely comfortable surroundings.

Movies in bed

Nothing will make you feel more at home than watching a movie in bed

For many people, zoning out with a good movie is the swiftest way to feel comfortable and at home. That’s not a problem at one of Thailand’s upscale private villas, as many of them are fully equipped with large flat screen TVs with multiple cable or satellite channels. Guests can also choose from libraries of DVDs, or hard-drives fully-loaded with thousands of movies and TV series. So if binge watching a whole season of Game of Thrones is the thing that makes you feel most at home, a private villa is the perfect place to do it.

Many villas have TVs in communal lounge areas, and some even have spacious mini movie theatres, too. Some of the bedroom suites at Phuket’s stunning Baan Taley Rom are equipped with their own screens, perfect for lazy evenings when you just want to stay in and watch a family movie in bed.

Home cooking

Guests staying at Phuket’s Villa Jia can enjoy home-cooked meals

There’s nothing like a hearty, home-cooked meal to help you feel at home. After a few days of eating out in the evenings, sometimes you’ll be hankering after nothing more than an indulgent plate of comfort food, followed by an evening spent on the sofa. Guests staying in one of Thailand’s upscale holiday properties can do just that, thanks to the services of an on-site professional chef.

The chef can prepare whatever dish you fancy, whether that’s a spicy Thai salad or a plate of your favourite creamy carbonara. The best thing about having a personal chef on hand is that you can also ask them to cook a selection of dishes from the menu to share. What could feel  more homely than that?

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