Phuket cheap holidays

A cheap holiday in Phuket can still be found with a little research before you travel. Package deals not only bring down the price, but allow a budget to be sorted out before even leaving your home. Resorts and mid-range hotels offer discounts for longer stays, as well as full and half-board options.

Thailand is now at the forefront of cheap holiday deals and Phuket is one place where they are reasonably easy to find. Private villas are a good alternative to hotels if travelling in a large group or with a family, as they are generally priced per night, not per person or per room. This can make them surprisingly affordable.

Villas also often come with a lot of value added extras such as full-time chefs and live-in managers. Airport transfers are often included and all of these extras help to keep the overall price down. Staff will suggest day tours and things to see and do, and will help you book affordable options. In this way you can enjoy a relaxing and inexpensive holiday.






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