Travel to Thailand

Thailand is known as one of the world's most diverse and appealing holiday destinations and offers visitors and incredible array of activities and things to see, even on a short stay. The legendary Thai hospitality is also a daw in itself, while the beautiful natural landscape and kind climate make the Kingdom an appealing place to visit all year round. Geographically similar in size to France, Thailand's southern provinces form a significant part of the Malay Peninsula make and cover 3000 plus kilometers of coastline. When it comes to weather, the country has three basic seasons: hot, wet, and in some parts of the kingdom also a cool season, but visitors should be aware that these seasons vary considerably by location and can no longer be considered dependable in terms of fixed month climate patterns.

Formerly known as the Kingdom of Siam. Thailand has a rich and colourful past that stretches back as far as the 14th century. It is only the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been colonised by European powers Thailand is about the same size geographically as France, and its provinces on the Malay Peninsula make up a large part of the Kingdom's 3000 plus kilometres of coastline. The Thai language is spoken throughout the country, but with significant regional variations and accents. Central Thai is considered the most precise form of the language and widely spoken in Bangkok, but perhaps even more prolific in terms of actual usage is northeastern or Isaan Thai, which is a blend of the Thai and Lao languages, and evolved from the ethnic mix that makes up Thailand’s largest geographical region. English is also widely spoken as a second language in Thailand, and most hotel, villa or restaurant staff have a good command of the language, which makes traveling around the country quite straightforward. However it is also advantageous to learn at least a few words of Thai because Thai people respect and appreciative the effort, rewarding visitors with even more help and hospitality than they are known to give naturally.

For beach lovers, Thailand remains a global hot spot and regularly wins awards as the world's top holiday spot. The choices for marine based activities are as diverse as the coastal and underwater landscapes that frame the country in blue. When you have had your fill of lunging on the sand or by the pool, Thailand's myriad dive sites offer the chance to get close to some of the world's most incredible species, snorkeling spots provide equally dramatic views of the deep, while above the surface, ocean adventures beckon with everything from jet skis to superyachts available for rent. Back on land, Thailand's many national parks cover thousands of miles of protected forest and jungle, while the islands in the south boast waterfalls, caves and peaks with uninterrupted ocean views.

On the cultural side, Buddhist temples or 'wats' offer a regular glimpse of the Kingdom's deep spiritual foundations and the sense of peace that prevails inside a Thai temple is a calming, educational and insightful experience. For a more hands on version of Thai culture, cooking classes are another excellent opportunity to learn about the country through its fine fresh produce and rich flavours, and also allows visitors to interact with local Thai people.

Whatever experiences and inspirations you are looking for, be it an exciting urban break in Bangkok, an remote, other-worldly meditation course in the mountains, or just total relaxation on a secluded stretch of tropical sand, Thailand offers them all. And the warm, hospitable people are the crowning glory in the Kingdom's global appeal.

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