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Villa Rental Thailand

If you're tired of sharing your vacation with crowds of other tourists and don't like being surrounded by other people while you try to relax, then renting a private villa may be the perfect solution. All over Thailand, private villas are now available to rent, taking most of the stress out of any vacation, some even coming with the services of full time staff and a personal chef.

Villa rental guests in Thailand find themselves emerged in a world of luxury from the moment they arrive at the property. Special requests such as champagne on ice can be easily accommodated, and private excursions and day trips can also be arranged by the management company or staff. Some larger villa options can sleep as many as ten people, but there are also more intimate options for a private, romantic getaway.

The island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand, has seen a surge in rental villas in the last few years. The island's attraction is obvious, with locations offering stunning natural beauty and price options to meet most budgets, and of course the friendly and laid back pace of life all add to Samui’s sterling reputation. The villas on the island are generally built to the highest standards of comfort and safety, and often include unique and beautiful architectural features and natural, local materials.

Koh Samui is still relatively undeveloped, and the natural beauty of the island still attracts those in search of a private paradise. The ubiquitous high rises in some other major resort areas are thankfully absent and amazing ocean views and peaceful tranquility rule the day. Other parts of Thailand are also seeing an upsurge in villa rental availability. Villa management services cater to guests’ every need, and the staff are also trained to cater for special events, such as weddings. Villa weddings are often given a distinctly Thai flair, with options that include everything from elephants carrying the bride and groom to the ceremony, to a group of Thai monks being engaged to perform traditional rites.

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