Phuket Building

Having a house built to your own design and specifications can be a rewarding project, as well as costing considerably less than buying "ready-made". However, it is also obviously a massive undertaking, and problems can be magnified when working in a foreign country. Although Phuket has a well established property market unscrupulous contractors, corner cutting and total absence of regulations can make it a challenging construction environment. This does not mean it is impossible to get your dream home built to an excellent standard however, but the effort expended in sourcing reliable contractors and suppliers means that personal time and effort must be a consideration when planning a building project. Often clients choose to take on some sort of foreman/ site-manager role, in order to keep regular checks on progress and quality. Hiring on personal recommendations, and building a good rapport with the site-crew, can smooth the proceedings. All in all, an individual assessment must be made, balancing cost saving and personal vision, versus time and effort, and if it still appears an attractive option then go ahead! Phuket has some fine land available and all the facilities needed for construction. The challenge could well pay off and you could be the proud owner of a very individual, and valuable property.

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