Phuket Houses

There are a number of different housing styles on Phuket, from large stand-alone villas to houses within gated communities and smaller bungalow-style residences or town-houses. The prohibition of foreign land and house ownership usually necessitates the establishment of a Thai company, through a reputable lawyer, in order to purchase property. Whilst this is not an ideal set up, many investors have been operating in this manner for a number of years, however, laws are constantly under review, so it is really important to keep abreast of new developments. One of the simplest ways to do this is to tap into the wealth of knowledge that local real-estate professionals have at their disposal. A good agent will be able to talk you through the complexities of property purchase - after all, they are dealing with these issues constantly. Whilst the legal situation may put off some potential investors, for those willing to operate within the current criteria, there are ample rewards, as investors see the value of their property rise and enjoy strong rental yields year-on-year. Presently, most land and house sales are on a thirty year leasehold basis, some with options to renew. As previously stated however, the laws and creative interpretations of, are in flux so research is essential.


Phuket Villas & Homes 101