Phuket Land

Despite the heavily developed nature of some of the more busy centers, Phuket still has development potential, with parcels of land available in less dense areas. The east coast, for example, is relatively untouched, and hillside, sea-view plots are available in many regions. There are agents and professional building contractors that can aid and advise on potential purchases. As previously iterated, there is no straightforward way for foreigners to own land in Thailand, so setting up a Thai limited company, with majority Thai shareholders, is usually a necessity. There are some exceptions to this, as when the investment is for a large sum, or if the property can be classed as a condominium, but given the fluidity of guidelines and regulations, the advice of local professionals should always be sought. Even if investing in land in the more remote reaches of the island, the connecting roads are of a high standard, and there are facilities and amenities conveniently located throughout much of Phuket. The land tile or deed is of utmost importance when considering purchase, as some land has restrictions on the type of use it can be put to. There may also be certain restrictions regarding height of structures, height,(above sea level) at which construction is prohibited, and permissible density of build. It is therefore crucial to have confidence in the agent/broker selling the land, and to take independent advice.

Land area measurements in Phuket Thailand

1 talang wa = 4m2

100 talang wa = 1 ngan (not commonly used anymore)

400 talang wa = 1 rai

1 rai = 0.42 of an acre

1 rai = 0.16 of a hectare

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