Phuket Property

The sophisticated and long-established property market on Phuket has been successful for a number of reasons. Good levels of government investment have complemented the financial input by commercial interests and foreign investors, resulting in a high standard of overall infrastructure, large and professional development projects, and a huge variety of subsidiary services and lesuire amenities. In addition, high-profile advertising campaigns have targeted the Asian financial hubs of Hong-Kong and Singapore and have ensured a steady flow of second home-buyers from these regions. In recent years. There has also been an influx of purchasers from the emerging markets of Eastern Europe and Russia. The great range of property available on the island, coupled with the favourable climate, wonderful scenery and high standard of living ensure a steady stream of purchasers from every corner of the globe. In order to cater for these clients, real estate professionals like Phuket Villas and Homes cover every angle of house and land sale, from legal, clerical, surveying letting, construction and maintainence. The strong competition ensures quality service is of paramount importance to such companies.

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