What is the Appeal of a Phuket Villa?

A Design for Life

Stylishly decorated interior of Phuket private villa

Guests staying in one of Phuket’s private villas enjoy traditional Thai décor, or something a little more modern

Visitors staying in one of Phuket’s private villas get the best of both worlds. A number of the villas peppered across the idyllic island boast traditional Thai décor, which is a great for guests that want to immerse themselves in everything Thai for the duration of their stay. Alternatively, guests that favour something a little more contemporary are spoilt for choice. The majority of villas across the islands feature mod cons like air conditioning and state of the art kitchen facilities, in addition to colourful Thai flavor in the form of wall carvings and vivid silk hangings.


Privacy at Home

Secluded villa on Phuket hillside

Staying in one of Phuket’s private villas offers guests the extra privacy they need when they are seeking the ultimate relaxing vacation

If sharing a swimming pool with hordes of hotel guests no longer appeals to you, one of Phuket’s private villas may be the perfect accommodation option. The same goes for visitors that want to enjoy their lunch in peace, rather than having to waste five minutes searching for a free table in the hotel restaurant. Privacy is the ultimate luxury, particularly when vacationing in a tourist hotspot as popular as Phuket. Whether you are on holiday with a young family or travelling on your honeymoon, the privacy afforded by one of Phuket’s holiday rentals will ensure the sublime relaxation of your best holiday yet.


Team Effort

Being pampered on a villa holiday

With the help of your villa’s dedicated staff, guests do not have to lift a finger throughout your whole vacation

In addition to the added privacy afforded by a holiday villa, the guest to staff ratio at Phuket’s holiday rentals is particularly appealing because it reduces the likelihood of having to lift a single finger whilst you are on your relaxing vacation. The villa maintenance staff are around every day to keep your supply of soft, clean towels plentiful and your bed linen fresh. Outdoor maintenance staff also means you can enjoy the pleasure of a perfectly manicured garden each and every day. Phuket villas are usually home to a personal concierge, who is able to provide information on the best local shops, restaurants and attractions. Guests can even hire the services of a personal chef or masseuse for the ultimate splurge.


A Brilliant Base

Magnificent beachfront Phuket Villa

A Phuket holiday villa provides the ideal base to enjoy the best of the island’s attractions

White sand beaches, lush tropical jungle and cascading waterfalls are just a few of the natural attractions that keep visitors flooding back to Phuket year after year. With a history that dates back hundreds of years, the island is also packed with a number of fascinating museums and temples for visitors that want to enjoy the best of Thai culture. A private villa is the perfect base to explore Phuket’s treasures because depending on what areas of the island you would like to explore, you can make your accommodation selection so you are always nearby. A villa also becomes a serene cocoon of relaxation for a good night’s sleep in between busy days of sightseeing.


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